February 8-14Valentine Parties for younger students will be held the last 10min of class. You are welcome to bring a non-messy treat to share with your friends.

MarchTentative recital line ups will be posted – Summer class schedule will be posted – Fall class schedule will be posted

 March 19-24 – Spring Break

 April 1st – April and May tuition is combined and due – Summer and Fall Enrollment will begin

 April 17-20Recital picture week. Your child’s picture will most likely be taken the evening of their class (but not necessarily at the time of their class) (Friday evening class pictures will be taken on that Thursday evening) Times will be posted in March.

 April 29, 9:00am – Online Recital ticket sales will begin (more details will be given at a later date)

 May 13Recital! There will be three shows this day. A tentative schedule will be posted in March

May 8-14Last week of 2016/17 classes

 JuneSummer Classes begin

 Sept 52017/18 classes will begin

Costumes – Costumes are slowly starting to come in and will continue to come in up till mid April. Please note….measurements were taken with an inch added to each measurement and are sized according to the Companies measurement chart. These are not custom made and may not fit perfectly as every child has a different shape. If your child’s costume is EXTREEMLY too small or too large you must inform us with in 1 week of receiving the costume and we will check to see if a different size can be sent. If a costume is not in stock more than likely we would not be able to receive the costume in time for pictures or recital.

Once receiving your costume please take it out of the bag and hang it up to release any wrinkles. Check to be sure you have all pieces needed and if there needs to be any strings cut, pinning, sewing, tucking, etc…. please be sure to do this before picture day. You will receive instructions on how their hair is to be worn and what color tights and shoes to wear on the picture information note that will be sent out in March.

Thank you, Angie’s Studio