Studio Updates…..

We will be measuring for costumes for the recital and Dance Team soon. If your child misses a class please check to be sure the class was not measured that day.

Itty Bitty, Technique and Silks Conditioning classes do not participate in the recital.

Recital Date: May 18, 2019

*Costume photos will be posted on the information wall by Oct. 31
*PreDance – All level IV classes costumes – $56 Per Costume
*Level V – Sr, Silks and Dance Team costumes – $60 Per Costume
*(All classes will need one costume with the exception of Combo IV and V needing two)
*Recital Costume Payment due – November 15
*Dance Team Costume Payment due – November 1
*A $10 Late fee will automatically be added on December 1 for costumes not paid
*Costume Invoices will be posted on your portal by Oct. 15th

No Evening classes – Halloween, Oct 31
Halloween Parties for each class will be held starting the evening of Oct. 24 through the morning of Oct. 31st. Students may wear their costume and bring a non-messy treat to share the last ten minutes of class.

Have a Happy Halloween!
Angie’s Studio