Ticket sales and recital have been postponed for the 2019/20 recital. More information will be emailed and posted as it becomes available. 

Hello…. We hope everyone is doing well and cannot wait to get back to the studio for classes. We are doing things a little different this year with our class placement recommendations. You will see below the dance class you are currently enrolled in for the 2019/20 season and the class you are invited into for the 2020/21 season. Any student invited into another class, other than what is recommended below, will be emailed or text individually by Monday, April 27.

The $30 registration fee for 2020/21 classes will be ½ off, for those who register and pay August tuition by June 1. The August invoice is not automatically posted at the time of registration and can take a few days to be posted. Please check back at a later time to view your invoice.

All Students, 5 years old and above, are eligible to join the Competitive Starz Dance Team!!! The Starz Dance team is an amazing opportunity for those students wanting to improve their dance and performance in addition to creating many fun times and memories for both student and parent! Auditions for team are Sunday, Aug. 30, Times TBD.  More information on joining the Starz Dace Team is posted on the website under the “Starz Dance Team” tab!  We would love to have you come join the fun!!!  http://www.angiesstudio.com

We are very sad to inform our silks students we will no longer be able to provide silks classes. The insurance companies have significantly increased their rates or will not provide insurance, for the smaller business, for this type of activity. In addition, many venues will no longer allow silks to be performed at their location. Myself and Ms. Colleen are looking at other options for those who would like to continue silks classes. Due to uncertain times, we are unable to provide you with solid information.  Once accurate information on possible silks classes becomes available, we will inform you at that time.

First listed is the class you are currently enrolled in for the 2019/20 season

Itty Bitty – Can Move to PreDance, Ages 3-5

PreDance – Can Move to PreCombo, Ages 4-6 or can stay with PreDance

PreCombo – Can Move to Combo I, Ages 6-9, if starting Kindergarten or stay with PreCombo if 5 or 6

Combo 1 – Should Stay with Combo 1, Ages 6-9. If you have taken 2+ years of Combo I, you may receive a separate invite email/text recommending to move to Combo II

Combo II – Can Move to Combo III

Combo II/III – Can Move to Combo III

Combo III – Can Move to Combo III/IV

Combo III/IV – Can Move to Combo IV

Combo IV – Can Move to Combo V

Combo V – Can Move to Jr

Sr A and B remain the same


Hip Hop 2020/21 Recommendation

Hip Hop I – For Ages 6-8. If you are 7 or 8 and have had 1 or 2 years of Hip Hop you may move to Hip Hop I/II.

Hip Hop I/II – For students 7-11 – Students 7-8 should have had 1+ years of Hip Hop. Student’s 9-11 Beg-Int level

Hip Hop II – For Ages 7-11 (Geared to 2019/20 Hip I Level who is on team or had 2-3 years of dance)

Hip Hop III – For students 8-12 (Geared for the 2019/20 Tues Hip Hop II Level)

Hip Hop III/IV – For Students 9-13 with 2+ years of dance (Geared for the 2019/20 Tues 6:00 Hip Hop III Level)

Hip Hop IV – For students 9-13 with 2+ years of dance (Geared for the 2019/20 Tues 6:45 Hip Hop III Level)

Hip Hop V – For students 10-15 with 3+ years of dance (Geared for the 2019/20 Mon 7:30 Hip Hop Level IV)

Hip Hop Sr A and B remain the same  

Technique – Highly recommended for students Combo 1 level and up and wanting to improve their dance technique, flexibility, turns and more!  All students on the Starz Dance Team are required to take a technique class with the exception of those who only compete Tap or Hip Hop for Team or you are on a HIGH SCHOOL Dance Team.

Technique 2020/21 Recommendation

* If you are 5-7 and it is your first time to take technique or you have had only 1 year of technique, you will remain in the Technique I-II class. If you are 8 and above and have had 1+ years of Dance and technique you may move to the Technique II/III-III class. (Recommended mostly for Combo II & II/III 2020/19 students)

* If you were a Combo III or Combo III/IV student in 2019/20 you will be in Technique III/IV-IV in the 2020/21 season

*If you were a Combo IV or V Student in 2029/20 you will be in Technique V/Jr

Sr Students remain the same

 Ballet Technique, Pre Pointe, Pointe and Lyrical class Levels are posted on the Schedule.

 Tumbling All students will remain in the same level unless notified by email or text by Monday, April 27.

A Summer Schedule will be posted once we know more on when things will begin to open up Due to the Covid-19 Virus.

We look forward to seeing everyone in class soon!!

Thank you for your continued support!!