Attached below you will find the note with details on recital picture days, times, tight color, shoes and style of hair. We have also attached a photo of the different hair styles along with tutorials below on how to do some of them. If you are unable to pull any of this information up it also posted on our website under the “Studio Notes” tab.

Dutch Braid tutorial:

Dutch Braid tutorial:

Dutch Braid tutorial into low bun:

Low bun tutorial:

Pictures  –  April 19 -22, 2021

 We ask for you to please be at the studio NO LATER than 10 min. before your scheduled picture time. Have your costume on and put together, light make-up and hair done, correct shoes on, and correct color and brand of tights (Capizio). No underwear is to be worn under your costume for pictures or recital.

            Please send your child in completely ready and have them wait in the lobby until they are called for pictures. If a parent must come in and help with a costume change, one parent may do so. You must wear a mask and return outside once your child is ready for the next picture. Picture envelope forms will be handed out in class. Please have your envelope(s) filled out and correct amount of money inside. (no change will be provided) Checks are to be made to McVicar Photography. If you will be paying by CC a form will be available at the studio the day of pictures. If you are in more than one number you must have an envelope for each costume. You may put the total amount for all pictures in one envelope. Please make a notation on the first envelope if you choose to do this.

            We try our best to run on schedule but sometimes there are delays. You can help us stay on schedule by being ready and arriving on time. Please be patient and try not to schedule other activities for that evening. In order for the photographer to do the best job and to help keep things running smoothly, parents are asked to not be in the photo room. This keeps the eyes focused on the photographer and not Mom/Dad. No classes, the days of pictures April 19-22. There will be class on Friday and Saturday this week. 

            When you receive your costume, take it out of the bag and, if need be, sew or pin everything together. To remove any wrinkles, hanging it up in a hot shower with steam usually does the trick. Cut all strings that may be hanging. Please keep in mind the costumes are not a custom fit. We measure each student and add 1-2 inches and order from the size chart given. After the costumes are in, it is almost impossible to get another costume in time for the recital. So please be understanding if the costume does not fit perfectly.

If you have a hair piece, place it on your Child’s rights side of their head or around pony/bun, unless your instructor has specified other.  If your hair is too short to put up, do your best to look the same. All tights must be made by capizio. Tights can be purchased at Dance Supply Etc. in O’Fallon, SAS in St. Peters, Madison’s Dance wear in Chesterfield or most any other dance supply store or online. If you are in tumbling and in other dances that require you to wear capizio light suntan tights, it is best to get the transition. This allows you to wear the tight both footed and off the foot for tumbling or dances that require no shoes. If you are only in tumbling footed or stirrup is best. If you have long pants you are not required to wear tights, but no underwear or socks that can be seen, may be worn. Unless specified by your instructor.

Please be at the studio NO LATER than 10 min. before your scheduled picture time  Solos, Duets & Trios may get their pictures taken in between picture times. Have your pose ready!

Pictures will be handed out the last week of the 2020/21 studio year, May 15-20.

Recital – Sat. May 21 and/or 22 (Specific date(s) and order will be posted by March 29)   Online Ticket Sales Begin– Sat. May 8, at 9:00am (Details will be coming soon) 

FULL Tuition and fees for both April and May are Due April 1st and all balances must be paid to purchase tickets and participate in the recital.