RECITAL REVIEW VIDEOS & MUSIC (Including competition music)

Hello Dance Families,
Instructors will be posting recital videos for at home review, as well as continuing choreography for recital preparation. Please check back regularly as new videos are posting each week. We have also included all Recital and Competition music on this page for at home practice.
Recital & Dance Team music🎶
This link is for the Google Drive access to all Recital & Starz Dance Team music:
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-Click Music Player for Google Drive and click your Google account.


(Week 3) Ms. Hannah’s Monday Hip-Hop “Beauty & the Beat” Recital review

(Week 5) Ms. Michelle’s Combo 3 Ballet “Four Seasons” COMPLETE RECITAL CHOREOGRAPHY

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Michelle’s – Combo 3/4 Ballet “Masquerade Waltz” Recital review

(Week 5) Ms. Michelle’s Combo 3/4 Ballet “Masquerade Waltz” COMPLETE RECITAL CHOREOGRAPHY

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Michelle’s – Hip-Hop 2 “Motown Philly” Recital review

(Week 5) Ms. Michelle’s – Hip-Hop 2 “Motown Philly” FINISHED RECITAL CHOREOGRAPHY

(Week 5) Ms. Michelle’s – Combo 4 “Holding On” Recital review


(Week 4) Ms. Colleen’s Senior B Jazz recital review

(Week 4) Ms. Colleen’s Senior B Tap recital review

(Week 4) Ms. Colleen’s Silks recital review

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Friday Combo 1 “I wanna dance with somebody”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Friday Pre-Dance “Rockin Robin”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Monday Pre-Combo 4:00 “The way you look tonight”

(Week 1-2) Ms. Julie’s – Monday Pre-Dance 5:00 “Little bitty pretty one”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Monday Pre-Combo 5:45 “Labamba”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Monday Combo 1 6:45 “Reflection”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Tuesday Pre-Dance 9:45 “Get Happy”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Tuesday Pre-Combo “Can you feel the love tonight”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Tumbling “We got this together”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Tuesday Hip-Hop “It’s going to be a lovely day”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Tuesday Pre-Combo 4:45 “You can’t hurry love”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Tuesday Combo I 6:30 “All shook up”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Tuesday Pre-Dance 5:45 “Thank Heaven for little girls”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Julie’s – Wednesday Pre-Combo 9:45 “How to believe”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Kathryn’s – Monday Pre-Dance 4:30 “Wonderful life, Me oh My”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Kathryn’s – Monday Combo 1 5:15 “Heal the world”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Kathryn’s – Monday Pre-Combo 6:15 “Put away your Dreams”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Kathryn’s – Monday Combo II 7:15 Higher Love

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Andrea – Combo 5 Contemporary “Silhouettes”

(Week 1 & Week 2) Ms. Andrea – Combo 4 Tap “Say, Hey I love you”

(Week 3) Ms. Andrea’s – Senior A/B Lyrical “Courage”

(Week 3) Ms. Andrea’s – Combo 4/5 Lyrical “Lullaby”

3 Ms. Andrea’s – Lyrical 4/5 Lullaby recital review extended version!

(Week 3) Ms. Andrea’s – Combo 5 Jazz “Do It Like This”

(Week 1 & 2) Miss Kylie’s – Monday Tumbling 7:45 Surfs Up

(Week 1 & 2) Miss Kylie’s – Thursday Tumbling 6:00 “Cruisen for a Bruisen”

(Week 1 & 2) Miss Kylie’s – Tuesday Tumbling 7:30 Superstars (Cheer Mix)

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Brady’s – Tuesday 5:00 Combo 1 “Elvis Mix”

Ms. Brady’s “New York New York”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Brady’s – Tuesday Pre-Dance 4:15 “Valerie”

(Week 7) Ms. Brady’s – Monday Hip Hop 4

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Brady’s – Senior A Hip-Hop “Bad”

(Week 6) Ms. Brady’s – Senior A Hip-Hop “Bad”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Brady’s – Senior A Jazz “Don’t stop me now”

(Week 6) Ms. Brady’s – Senior A Jazz “Don’t stop me now”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Brady’s – Senior A Contemporary “Hurt”

(Week 6) Ms. Brady’s – Senior A Contemporary “Hurt”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Brady’s – Senior A Tap “Imagine”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Katanna’s – Saturday Hip-Hop “Baby Shark”

(Week 1 & 2) Katanna’s – Saturday Pre-Combo “How Far I’ll Go”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Katanna’s – Saturday Combo “I’m still standing”

(Week 1 & 2) Ms. Katanna’s – Saturday Tumbling “Hawaiian roller coaster”

(Week 4) Ms. Katanna’s Saturday Pre-Dance “How Far I’ll Go” full dance

(Week 4) Ms. Katanna’s Saturday Tumbling “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” full dance

(Week 4) Ms. Katanna’s Saturday Hip Hop “Baby Shark” More to be added

(Week 4) Ms. Katanna’s Saturday Combo 1 “I’m Still Standing” More to be added

(Week 1 & 2) Miss Gena/Mary – Tumbling “Don’t stop believing” with counts only
Miss Gena/Mary – Tumbling “Don’t stop believing” with music

(Week 1 & 2) Miss Gena/Mary – Tumbling “My Sharona” with counts only
Miss Gena/Mary – Tumbling “My Sharona” with music

(Week 1 & 2) Miss Gena/Mary – Tumbling “Hot Hot Hot” with counts only
Miss Gena/Mary – Tumbling “Hot Hot Hot” with music

(Week 1 & 2) Miss Gena/Mary – Tumbling “Higher Ground” counts only
Miss Gena/Mary – Tumbling “Higher Ground” with music

(Week 1& 2) Miss Gena/Mary – Tumbling “Gloria” counts only
Miss Gena/Mary – Tumbling “Gloria” view from front with music
Miss Gena/Mary – Tumbling “Gloria” view from back with music

We are challenging the students to take videos of themselves taking these on-line classes. If they post to their Instagram page and tag the studio account @angies.studiostl they will be featured on our instastory! 🙂🙂🙂

Recital/Competition & Summer/Fall Class Registration.

Dear Studio Families,

We hope each and every one of you are doing well. We wanted to give you an update as to what our thoughts are for the remainder of the season, recital and class registrations for summer and fall. Our hopes are, once we are cleared to return back to the studio, we will continue to work hard on routines, flexibility and conditioning. We have reached out to several venues for multiple options to perform the recital but cannot be certain at this time exactly where and when it WILL be. The recital picture date alternatives have also been discussed with the photographer and have been postponed until further notice.

All our students have worked so hard for this day and we are doing everything to make certain this day WILL come for them.

We will be posting the 2020/21 schedule soon for you to begin registering for classes. You will be receiving your class placement information for registering for the 2020/21 season by email.

Thank you so much for all your support you have given. Hang in there…. We are all in this together!

The show must go on!

Ms.  Angie and Staff


Dear Starz Dance Team Family,

We wanted to take a moment to address the status of this competition season. There are still so many uncertainties, making it impossible to give any definitive answers at this time. We are keeping track of and following the on-going Covid-19 developments and mandates. We are also keeping close tabs on our competitions and options they are offering. All of which are best laid plans. Until the quarantine officially ends and we are given the all clear, we can only make guesses as to which options will work for our studio. We will continue to monitor all options afforded us, with the full focus and intent on participating in all three competitions in some capacity this season. Please review below the most updated information we have for each competition.

•At this time we are optimistic we will be able to attend the Platinum Nationals event at the scheduled time. They have not announced plans to re-schedule their regional event but continue to add virtual competitions on-line, which could be a possibility down the road. We will not be able to participate in a virtual experience until we are allowed back in the studio to dance together but will keep looking for possible later added dates. If it doesn’t pan out, as mentioned previously, we will apply the regional fees to your Nationals invoice.

Fly Dance Competition has rescheduled the St. Louis regional event for the weekend of May 29th-31st. However, this is also the weekend of the Wentzville School District’s 3 high school graduations, which affects a few of our dancers and several dance families. There is a chance graduation may be postponed or handled differently, so we’ll have to wait and see. They are also offering a virtual competition, which we’d have to submit our videos by May 1st with virtual awards on May 15th. Again, this will depend on when the shelter in place is lifted.

According to the website, Mark of Excellence has re-scheduled the St. Louis event for June 5-7th. However, we have not received any direct updated correspondence from their office.

We are truly hoping to finish this season strong. We genuinely miss each and every one of you. Our dance family is never far from our mind. We will continue exploring options to ensure we get the most of this season and all their hard work.

We appreciate your patience and support during this incredibly difficult and uncertain times. You are all in our continued thoughts and prayers.

Thank you,
Dance Team Faculty 🙂

Studio Family Update!

Dear Studio Families,

We are terribly disappointed to announce we will not be able to resume back to classes on April 6th as hoped, and need to keep studio doors closed until further notice.

We are all saddened by this unfortunate turn of events, and trust that our patrons will understand that the health and welfare of our community is paramount.

The student’s performances are what they have worked so hard for all year. We are planning, as much as we can, to make this happen for them. If our currently booked venue will not be available, we have contacted and reserved several other venues for us to use. Once we are allowed, and all is safe, we will set the date for the show to go on!!!

In the meantime, please keep working hard with the on-line classes, practicing your dances, staying conditioned and eating healthy. For the next week we will be adding on-line class videos for you to continue your education along with videos of teaching choreography to those classes who have not finished their dances.

If we are not back at the studio within a week, we will begin LIVE on-line classes through zoom. This will allow the instructors to see and interact with their students. Instructions on how to do this and the class schedules will go out and be posted on the website later next week.

The studio administrators and instructors are working very hard and doing our best to continue to offer students education, conditioning and practices. Much time has been spent with reworking the original planned events, class curriculum and recording class videos. We want to thank those for understanding with continuing to financially support and sending out kind words and love our way. It truly means so much to myself and the studio staff family.

We will continue to communicate, as information becomes available, as to what the plans will be moving forward. PlE

Wishing you all Health, Happiness and Smiles as we navigate this uncertain time!


Ms. Angie and Studio Staff

Please enjoy the attached slide show messages from all of us at Angie’s Studio!!!

Updates on COVID-19

Dear Studio Parents,

We are certainly in unprecedented times due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus. We care deeply for our students and their families. We would like to offer some comfort and help during this time of uncertainty. At this time, we will be discounting May tuition by 25%. For those of you who have paid in full, we will reevaluate the situation in the weeks to come and contact you as to how this will be reimbursed or discounted.

In addition we are excited to offer a bit of normalcy to your child’s routine. Instructors will continue to prepare curriculum with on-line classes to further educate and keep the students active and engaged. The teachers have been hard at work preparing and pre-recording lessons for classes. An e-mail will be sent as to how to access the on-line classes. Please note, some levels will be combined and the length of certain classes will be shorter since we will not need to account for students taking turns across the floor. These lessons will account for the limitation of space since kids will likely be taking class from home.

We are looking forward to presenting these on-line classes in our efforts to continue your child’s dance, tumble and silks education.

We are also working to have recital music available for practicing at home. If space is limited, taking the time to go through the dance in your head and or marking it with your feet and arms is very helpful.

A special thank you to Ms. Andrea, Miss Brady, Ms. Colleen, Ms. Julie, Ms. Kathryn, Ms. Michelle, Miss Hannah, Faith and Rylea! Ms. Andrea has taken much time and effort coordinating the on-line videos, and Miss Hannah has been our social media specialist. All have been hard at work reworking lesson plans to accommodate and bring classes into your home. We hope that you all take advantage of the on-line classes we are offering and any social media posts with fun activities and challenges.

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding as we navigate these new waters. We have received several supportive and positive feedback from our studio families and are feeling very grateful for this.

Wishing health and happiness to you and your families.

Thank you,
Ms. Angie Kortkamp & Staff

Upcoming Dates and Highlights

Studio Important Upcoming Dates and Highlights!
Please be sure we have your correct cell # and cell provider in our system as well as correct email and home address to ensure you are receiving all information. All information on Pictures, Recital, Ticket Sales etc… will also be posted on our website under the Studio Notes Tab as is becomes available.

*Observation Windows will be Closed – April 1 – Recital
*Spring Break – March 22-29 (Team rehearsals and Silks will be held on March 22 and there will be Saturday classes on March 21)
*Easter Break – April 10-12
*April and May Tuition and Fees are due April 1

*Summer Class Schedule will be available by April 1 (Summer classes June 8-July 31 – No classes the week of July 6-10)
*2020/21 Class Schedule will be available by April 20 (2020/21 Season begins Aug 17)
*Picture Week – Mon-Thurs April 20-23 (No classes on these days) (Details on times, costumes, tights, shoes, hair etc… will be coming soon)
*Recital – Saturday, May 16 (A Tentative recital show lineup will be posted by March 15 and the finale lineup will be posted by April 27)
*Rehearsal – Silks and Sr. Students only – Friday, May 15 3:30-7:00pm (Specific Time TBD)
*Online Ticket Sales begin Saturday, May 2 at 9:00am (All invoices must be paid to participate in the recital and purchase tickets)
*How to order tickets online Tutorial Link –
*Starz Dance Team Auditions and Parent Meeting for the 2020/21 Season – Aug 30 (Times TBD) (Ages 5-18)
We are extremely excited to announce the recital will be held at the beautiful Lindenwood University J. Scheidegger Theater in St. Charles Mo. This gorgeous theater provides us with the much needed comfortable theater seating and lobby space to accommodate the growth of our studio. Take a virtual tour and you will see the professional elegant feel we will all enjoy and experience –

October/November Updates

Halloween Parties October 24-30. Parties will be held the last 10 min of class and Students may wear their costume and bring a non-messy treat to share.

No classes on Halloween Oct. 31 (Happy Halloween)
No classes Thanksgiving break Nov. 27 – Dec. 1 (Happy Thanksgiving)

This Saturday, Oct 12 is the Homecoming Parade beginning at 9:30am. For those who have class on Sat. please be sure to come in the back side of the studio from Pitman Ave. or Church Street crossing the railroad tracks as Pearce Blvd will be blocked off for the parade. Ms. Julie will be your instructor as Miss Kylie is in the Parade.

We will begin to start measuring for costumes in November. Please be sure if you are absent that your child does get measured.

Costume money for the Starz Dance team is due no later than Nov 1
Studio Recital costume money is due no later than Nov 15
All classes are required purchase one costume with the exception of combo IV and V needing two.
Costumes paid after Dec. 1 will have an automatic additional charge of $10 and not guaranteed to arrive by pictures, competition or recital

$56.00 per costume for PreDance – Level IV Dance, Tumble or Hip hop classes
$60.00 per costume for Combo V, Sr, Silks and Starz Dance Team classes

Please let us know if you will NOT be performing in the recital.

Recital Date… Sat., May 16 or Sun., May 17. Confirmed date TBA

Reminder for Starz Dance Team members…. The Deposit for the three Competitions are due by Oct. 15. Any fundraiser credits you may have will not be applied to this amount unless you are only competing in one dance. Fundraiser credits will be applied to the remaining balances for each competition.

Studio in stock Logo Wear will be sold the last week in Oct and first week in Nov. Please ask Amy, the office assistant, if you would like to purchase anything. Orders for additional items will be sold online Nov. 17-Dec 1 and will be in on time for Christmas!!!! More information and a link to order Items will be sent to you soon!

Lastly…. the Starz Dance Team will be performing at the Harlem Globetrotter Pregame Sat. Nov. 2. Come and support the Starz Team. Discounted tickets for the team performance and Globetrotter show may be purchased through Patrick. Email or call him at or 678-497-1878 and tell him you are with the Angie’s Studio Starz Dance Team. Discounted ticket deadline order date is Oct. 23. (Discounted tickets are limited and may run out before the deadline)

Thank you, Angie’s Studio

Summer & 2019/20 Schedule – Click on link below

Click on the titles below to pull up the information on Recital, Ticket Sales and Picture Information plus the Summer & 2019/20 Schedule

Studio recital Info 2019
Studio Online Ticket Sales 2019

Studio Show lineup 2019

Studio Picture times 2019

Studio Summer 2019 4

Studio 2019 20 3


TutuTix Tutorial Link
Please note…. All invoices must be paid if full in order to be able to use your code to purchase tickets and to participate in the recital.

Go to, your promo code is your oldest child attending classes first name indicial and last name (Example Mary Smith – msmith) For twins/triplets it will be the first initial of the child’s name that is first in the alphabet.
If you have difficult purchasing your tickets please call 855-222-2849 ext. 5 and they will be happy to assist you.

I highly recommend for you to watch the video to learn more about buying tickets through TutuTix. Just click on or type the following link in your browser to watch the video

Updates 2019

Spring Break – March 23-31 (All silks classes will be held on March 31 but there will be no Dance Team Rehearsals on this date)

April and May Tuition and Fees are due April 1

Summer & Fall Schedules will be available Apr 1. Registration begins Apr 8th

Picture Week – Mon – Thurs April 15-18 (No classes on these days)

Easter Break – April 19 – 21

Online Ticket Sales begin Saturday April 27 at 9:00am (All invoices must be paid to participate in the recital and purchase tickets)                                                 TutuTix Tutorial Link –

Recital – Saturday, May 18

Summer classes – June 10 – July 26

Studio Season 2019/20 Begins – Aug 12

October Updates 2018

Studio Updates…..

We will be measuring for costumes for the recital and Dance Team soon. If your child misses a class please check to be sure the class was not measured that day.

Itty Bitty, Technique and Silks Conditioning classes do not participate in the recital.

Recital Date: May 18, 2019

*Costume photos will be posted on the information wall by Oct. 31
*PreDance – All level IV classes costumes – $56 Per Costume
*Level V – Sr, Silks and Dance Team costumes – $60 Per Costume
*(All classes will need one costume with the exception of Combo IV and V needing two)
*Recital Costume Payment due – November 15
*Dance Team Costume Payment due – November 1
*A $10 Late fee will automatically be added on December 1 for costumes not paid
*Costume Invoices will be posted on your portal by Oct. 15th

No Evening classes – Halloween, Oct 31
Halloween Parties for each class will be held starting the evening of Oct. 24 through the morning of Oct. 31st. Students may wear their costume and bring a non-messy treat to share the last ten minutes of class.

Have a Happy Halloween!
Angie’s Studio